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Catch Media

Catch Media is a digital media company that distributes digital content (music & videos) and content management systems. Our role for Catch Media was to re-architecture the code of their main iOS applications according to their application requirements written up by various groups inside and outside of the company. We worked closely with the design team at Catch Media to make sure that the new version of their applications was the solution that they were looking for and would be the next step for their existing product lines.

These applications are used to allow organizations (music labels, music stores, schools and churches... to name a few.) to distribute pre-recorded and live streaming content to their users mobile devices. Utilizing the infrastructure that Catch Media has built, the mobile apps have allowed them to gather analytical data for better content targeting.

Play Anywhere®

With a fantastic simple to use interface, the award winning Play Anywhere® music player by CatchMedia turns your phone or tablet into a full mWith the Play Anywhere app, you can take your Play Anywhere in-store and kiosk CD and compilation purchases with you digitally to enjoy. Find your nearest Play Anywhere enabled. store using our store locator in the main menu. When you make your purchase in-store, log in using the same credentials you have content will automatically be registered to your online account.usic system.

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